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NAMI seeks to work in the community in a number of ways. Faith groups are one aspect of daily life where NAMI has had great opportunities to improve the lives of individuals and the families & others dedicated to care for them.

NAMI's effort to assist faith communities is found in the FaithNet initiative. One such effort was The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, in 2014. Rick Warren & Bishop Kevin Vann co-hosted the event, along with NAMI of Orange County.

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​Video Series

  1. Mental Health and the Church - Introduction Video 

  2. The Role of the Church In Mental Health -Rick Warren, Bishop Kevin Vann,

  3. Integrating Physical, Spiritual Health, and Mental Health - Kheriaty, Dysinger, Johnson,

  4. Helping the Helpers: Crisis Management for Church Staff - Okamoto, Dunn, Hannaford, Smith,

  5. Resourcing the Church - Stanford, Hoefs, Hilliker, Pitman, Lambert,

  6. Standing Together In Suffering - R. Warren, K. Warren, Vann, Simpson,

  7. Christianity and Depression - Dr. Aaron Kheriaty,

  8. Spiritual and Emotional Roots and Treatment of Addiction - Dr. John Townsend,

  9. Troubled Families: Support for Loved Ones Affected by Mental Illness - Amy Simpson,

  10. The Most Important Lesson Learned from 87,000 Brain Scans - Dr. Daniel Amen,

  11. Living with Bipolar Disorder - Dr. Tom Okamoto,

  12. Celebrate Recovery and Dual Diagnosis - Pastor John Baker,

  13. How To Launch a Support Group and Counseling Ministry in Your Church - Pastor Tommy Hilliker,

  14. Understanding and Helping Loved Ones with Borderline Personality Disorder - Dr. Robin Kissell,

  15. Living Well in Spite of a Mental Health Diagnosis - Pastor Brad Hoefs,

  16. Helping Churches Manage Crisis: Building a Bridge with Professionals - Dr. Chuck Hannaford

  17.  The Lay-Person's Faith Based Response to People in Crisis - Dr. Louise Dunn,

  18. Food and The Body: 3 Steps to Healing Eating Disorders through Community - Constance Rhodes,

  19. Therapeutic Partnerships for Recovery - Steve Pitman,

  20. Stigma or Stigmata: Helping the Church Rethink Mental Illness - Dr. Eric Johnson,

  21. Suicide Prevention: Saving Lives One Community at a Time - Jessica van der Stad,

  22. Re-Think Mental Illness: The Role of the Church in Recovery - Dr. Matthew Stanford,

  23. Understanding Women's Mental Health: Is There Really a Difference? - Dr. Shari Muir,

  24. Welcomed and Valued: Building Faith Communities of Hope and Support - Deacon Tom Lambert,

  25. Abogando por Personas que tienen un Diagnostico de Salud Mental - Cecilia Mercado,

  26. El Papel de la Iglesia sobre la Salud Mental - Dr. Herminia Shea-Martinez


Mental Health and the Church Workbook

Download the workbook and browse through the 30 hours of presentations provided at this conference. It will help you understand how faith communities can play a vital role is supporting and caring for the suffering among us.

The event was held in the Spring of 2014. It started out as a local effort, held in the wake of Pastor Warren's son's death. The Warrens were assisted by the local NAMI affiliate (Orange County NAMI) and the diocese of Orange County Roman Catholic Church. When the conference registration exceeded capacity and even an overflow tent became packed, the decision was made to turn this into a nationwide webcast.

We do not endorse everything every speaker might say. With 25 speakers representing different backgrounds and expertise, you'll undoubtedly hear statements you disagree with. Each speaker represents himself or herself, not the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, Saddleback Church, or NAMI-OC.

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