Many wrongly believe their symptoms are their own fault or are caused by 

personal weakness. They think if they try hard enough they can overcome

their problems by themselves, & they suffer unnecessarily.  An individual with

a mental illness needs treatment and help in coping with everyday problems

 In contrast, individuals who do not have a mental illness can usually deal 

with ordinary problems by themselves. At times  of particular ​stress, 

however, even mentally healthy persons will find

professional assistance useful.

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Mental Health News

 We promote and assist many mental health research initiatives. Major depressive disorders are disrupting the lives of more than 10 million Americans. More than 100,000 new cases of schizophrenia are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. Most of these occur ....

  If you have a mental illness, you are not alone. One in five adult Americans will have a mental illness during their lifetime that is severe enough to require treatment. Many more have problems that prevent them from enjoying their lives. We are here to stand by you as you find help, hope, and recovery. Fortunately, effective treatments are now available for many mental illnesses. Unfortunately, most people do not seek help.

NAMI Tulsa conducts many educational services at no charge to the public. We learn about long term mental illnesses such as schizophrenia & major & manic depression are biochemically caused brain diseases. They aren't caused by poor home environment. They aren't the result of character flaws. Scientific research has demonstrated these truths. Public education lacks sadly behind. We are changing that, with TV, radio and the press....

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Welcome To NAMI Tulsa

We are the National Alliance On Mental Illness

 We are the parents, brothers and sisters, children, spouses,  and friends of people with serious mental illness; as well as those persons themselves.  We share one another's pain and we share one another's hope. We are working to build a better tomorrow for our loved ones and for ourselves. Read more...


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 Members help each other cope, and get through hard times. They share information and experiences with local services and professionals. A warm circle of friends offers support and hope. 

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